Healthy steps leads to a healthier you!

Monica Lebre, MS RD LDN is a registered dietitian and nutritionist specializing in nutrition counseling and consulting services in Massachusetts.


I look at healthy eating as a lifelong and always evolving process… not as "being on a diet". Being on "diets" often leads to cutting out major food groups or avoiding our favorite foods which can lead to lack of long-term success.

Despite the word diet getting a bad reputation in today's world, the definition is the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats meaning, despite our eating habits, we are all on a diet. The idea is to get away from the "dieting" world and begin eating for health, sustenance and most importantly enjoyment!

Monica is available for nutrition consulting, lectures, individual and group counseling, and a variety of nutrition-related engagements. For more information, see Monica's qualifications or available services or contact Monica today.

"There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs." — author unknown